How to prepare for the next earthquake?

There is a little hysteria created in the public space, especially on TV (or because of TV?), after the Gorj earthquakes, which come after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 34,000 people in Turkey and Syria.

This is a good opportunity to remind you all that no, we are not powerless. There are actions we can take today to minimize the risks to our integrity and our assets in the next earthquake.

  1. Get information from reliable sources, for example associations of (or with) engineers such as Re:Rise or MKBT.
  2. Consume media responsibly. Realize when journalists, in the pursuit of an audience, seek to play with your emotions (for example, the fear of earthquakes) to make you continue to follow them. When you see alarmist headlines, remember that there are also responsibly made educational materials like
  3. Do your part and protect your family + friends + colleagues by: get your earthquake kit, plan for the aftermath, get an insurance against natural disasters, call on trusted technical expertise when you move to an apartment block and ultimately choose to live in a less earthquake-prone city.
  4. Educate yourself and educate those around you. You can print this infographic (created by us after consulting the experts) to stick on the notice board in the block staircase or place it somewhere in the office, or you can forward it digitally to your acquaintances. When you see misinformation or panic around you, correct these behaviors as much as possible.
  5. Don't panic when the earthquake comes. It helps if you review from time to time what you have to do, so you know how to act. Do not go down the stairs under any circumstances. Don't call the stupid 112, because the line must remain free for those really important people. 

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