About us

An NGO halfway between good governance and active citizenship
Funky Citizens is the meeting place for citizens who don't limit themselves to the status quo, but understand their role in democracy, which is why they work their civic muscle and often take part in the decision-making process. Our strongest weapons are smart technology initiatives, data and communication advocacy, and civic education - a cross-cutting pillar in everything we do.

The team

Elena Calistru
Cosmin Pojoranu
Laura Burtan
Radu Andrei
Administrative officer
Ion Mateș
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Ana Dragomir
ana mocanu
Ana Mocanu
Diana Tăbleț

Our goals

We promote the participation of Funky Citizens (those who want to be „civically fit”) through projects that make clever use of technology (mainly online) to increase responsibility and accountability in the public space.


Funky Citizens formally came into existence on the 22nd of May 2012. Since then, our team has grown, we've met new people, we've implemented projects and expanded our network of collaborators.


During these times, the pandemic is forcing us to work mostly remotely but you can also find us at Colivia, our HQ, on Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu nr. 9, Sector 2, Bucharest..

If you want to pay us a visit or simply get in touch, do write to us at weare@funkycitizens.org or on Facebook. Alternatively, you can leave us your email so we can keep you updated on what we do.

Organisation info

ID number at the Romanian Foundation and Association Registry: 65 / 22.05.2012
CIF: 30339344
CIF special VAT related: RO43081246
bank account: RO07INGB0000999903156486
Bank: ING Bank Romania
Address: Strada Brăilița nr. 7, bl D9A, sc. A, et. 8, ap. 134, sector 3, București. Cod poștal: 031456
Official name: Funky Citizens (no "association")


We're proud of the awards we've received during events such as the Civic Society Gala and Webstock for our projects and campaigns.


studies, analyses, research
trainings and workshops
pr campaigns
advocacy, creativity


Here you can find annual reports for every year

Within available time, we always answer invitations from the press to talk about the team and what we do

Who finances us?

Formal projects have a clear source on the project page Regarding grants, we use the following route:

  1. We apply for independently and objectively juried project contests 
  2. We sign a financing contract which states the funds we received for doing the things we'd said we'd do in the financing application. 
  3. The financing source has no influence on how the project is handled and financial information is always transparent and in the open

You can be one of our sponsors.


Useful resources

logos, databases, templates, infographics