Public budgets training: lesson #3

On November 10-11 we are inviting, in Bucharest, journalists and NGOs who want to learn from us how to #FollowTheMoney.

Over the last ten years, we have consolidated our expertise on budgets and public money. This year we launched the Center for Monitoring Fiscal Fiscal Accountability and Transparency to make the budget field friendlier and more accessible for any activist and journalist. 

If you are part of an NGO or a journalist and you are interested in following the path of public money, come to the Budgeting Lesson, the third edition, to learn from our colleague Elena how to track public money. You have time to register until the 6 th of November.

When, where? November 10-11 (between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.), Bucharest – Moon Villa Bucharest

What you will learn

  • the basics of how public money flows and how it is used
  • what are the budget cycle, the underlying legislation and the tools available to those who want to implement projects for the community.

Once you graduate from our Center's courses, you will be able to better support your case in front of the local authorities, if you are part of an NGO, or do more in-depth investigations, with data journalism, if you are a journalist.

Important: We provide transportation + accommodation to a limited number of out-of-town participants.

More details about all the Funky brand trainings here: 

About the trainer:

Elena Calistru is a convinced NGO person, passionate about good governance, budgets and data in general. She has been working in civil society since 2008 and has been working through public finances for about ten years. La Funky Citizens often uses work on budgets to analyze and report on what is happening with the public purse at central and local level. He held dozens of trainings in "budgeting", both for NGOs and for journalists and local elected officials.

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