Debate: journalism and whistleblowers

Thursday, December 8, from 18:30, we invite you to the French Institute for an honest discussion with Sonia Devillers, Ana Poenariu and Mariana Luceanu about the challenges of journalists and the importance of whistleblower integrity in a functional democracy

The discussion appears in the context in which in recent months MPs wanted to change the whistleblower law, under the pretext of transposing a European Directive on the same subject. The new whistleblower law has had an exciting journey that has not yet come to an end, as the project is a controversial one, criticized by both the European Commission and civil society.

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Pierre de Monte, Liaison Magistrate in Romania and the Republic of Moldova for the French Embassy, will open the discussion with a few-minute speech on the legal situation of whistleblowers.

Sonia Devillers is a journalist. She specializes in culture, economics and mass media. On the France Inter radio station, she presents the daily shows L'Edito M and L'Instant M. "Les exportés" (Flammarion, 2022) is her first book. She also presents the new daily show on Arte TV dedicated to the decoding of images, entitled "Le dessous des images".

Ana Poenariu started her career in journalism as a photojournalist for Mediafax, Reuters and AFP. Since 2015, he has been a reporter at the RISE Project, a member newsroom of the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), where he works on difficult investigations of public money and high-level corruption. Ana documented the embezzlement of 38 million euros (European funds) from victims of domestic violence in Romania, an investigation that won the Jury Prize at the 6th Edition of Superscrieri. Ana was the co-author of the series about the TelDrum company and Liviu Dragnea's business in Brazil, about Gabriel Oprea's business ("All the General's Men"), about medical equipment business and state procurement during the pandemic (Jury Prize at Superscrieri , 10th edition), about the behind-the-scenes political manipulation in Romania, in the context of Cambridge Analytica. Today, Ana Poenariu is also editor-in-chief of the fact-checking project.

Mariana Luceanu is a registered nurse at the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital and a whistleblower. For 17 days in August, Mariana was on hunger strike with her colleague Daniel Simion, with the aim of reporting irregularities such as the mess or the lack of staff in the University Hospital in Bucharest

After her public appearance, the Minister of Health at the time promised her that nothing would happen to her. In vain: at the beginning of October she was fired, the reason cited by the hospital management being that the nurse was "absent without reason" during the 17 days of the hunger strike. He challenged the decision in court and after 6 months, he regained his job at the ATI ward of the same hospital.


Despite an increasingly unfriendly climate for honest journalists, sprinkled with kompromat actions, SLAPP (Strategic lawsuit against public participation) court actions and the discreet buying of the silence of the big television stations by the political parties, the Romanian press is still lives and produces investigations that shake society.

But reporters from independent newsrooms need our support more than ever. We aim to contribute to increasing media resilience in this bleak civic landscape through a series of monthly debates on current media issues

Concret, ne dorim să aducem laolaltă mediul academic, cetățenii activi și ONG-urile, potențiali finanțatori ai proiectelor media independente, precum și potențiali viitori jurnaliști.


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