Introductive workshop about whistleblowing #2

The authorities have shown us in recent months that protecting whistleblowers in the public interest is not a priority for them, see their idea of anonymous reporting, which must have contact details. 

We believe that whistleblowers are a fundamental link in maintaining an ethical and integrity activity regardless of the professional environment, so we want to make the status of the integrity whistleblower as well known as possible. 

This month, on the 28th of October together with Recorder and journalist Oana Despa we are organizing an introductory workshop on whistleblowers. Participants will learn about the legislation that currently protects whistleblowers and will be presented with concrete examples of collaboration between them and the media / NGOs. 

When? the 28th of October, at 12:00

Where? Hotel Central (Barcelona room), Ploiești

Trainer: Andreea Pocotilă, investigative journalist, Recorder

The discussion will also be facilitated by Oana Despa, a journalist with over 25 years of experience in print media and television, current editor of Buletin de București.

Who we're inviting: This edition of the workshop is open to the general public. We would love to connect with the youth of the region as well, but any citizen interested in the relationship between whistleblowers and the media is welcome.

To take part: complete the registration form (until Thursday, October 27) by clicking on the button below 

What you will learn

  • How journalists collaborate with whistleblowers
  • National legislation and European regulations protecting whistleblowers
  • The direct and indirect impact that whistleblowers have, presented through real events and concrete examples of good practice


About the trainer

Andreea Pocotilă graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, University of Bucharest (2005) and has been working in the media since 2004. She was a special reporter at Evenimentul Zilei and Romania Liberă, reporter and editor at VICE Romania. He joined the Recorder team in March 2020 and has since been working on investigations such as the one about the problem of cigarette smuggling or documentaries such as"The Romanian Police, on a mission of self-destruction” where she collaborated several times with whistleblowers in the public interest.


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