The Funky Citizens team

Elena Calistru

President, NGO member with over 10 years of experience, coordinator and binder of the entire team, poster for civic involvement and founding member of the association.

Cosmin Pojoranu

Communication department. He doesn't like to be called an NGO person. Strategy, creation and PR. Always busy (yet approachable). He likes it too.

Laura Burtan

I'm civically fit before ending up at FC but, since November 2016, i'm officially a a funky citizen. I initially worked solely on the fact-checking project Factual, where I felt in my element, because I don't like to believe without checking. At the same time, I always helped where it was needed, because that's how NGO life is. Currently, I have been given more responsibilities and I am working on other projects (about which you will learn more soon) and I come up with new ideas to put into practice.

Radu Andrei
Administrative officer
Ion Mateș

Johnny, by his nickname, photographer by trade, quickly realised that it's not enough to just snap the shutter today and is now learning and relearning digital communication to become a multitasking individual.

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Ana Dragomir

Thanks to everyone who was part of the team these last years:

Andrei Bulearcă, Alina Calistru, Paul Chioveanu, Daniel Chirilă, Anabella Costache, Cristina Foarfă, Livia Jelea, Andrei Rizea, Codru Vrabie, Daniel Vrăbioiu.


Thanks to everyone in the extended Funky family who are always willing to lend a helping hand where needed.