The Funky Citizens team

Elena Calistru

President, NGO member with over 10 years of experience, coordinator and binder of the entire team, poster for civic involvement and founding member of the association.

Cosmin Pojoranu
Vice president

Launched the communication department. Doesn't like being labeled an NGOist. Strategy, creation and PR, Perpetually busy (but approachable). He does like it.

Radu Andrei
Vicepreședinte și director administrativ
Laura Burtan

I'm civically fit before ending up at FC but, since November 2016, i'm officially a a funky citizen. I initially worked solely on the fact-checking project Factual, where I felt at home because I don't like believing without searching.

ana mocanu
Ana Mocanu
Project Management

For 6 years, she has been doing projects for youth on topics such as civic involvement, student rights, disadvantaged areas and gender equality. She started in communication and now does a little bit of everything – technical, research, budgets. Likes the idea of civically fit and that's probably not going to change. Plans to make democracy cool again.

Matei Vrabie
Project Management

Works with youth and likes to get involved in the community to bring a funky touch. Campaigner for democratic values, civic education and IT responsibility. Helps us fight all the beasts of misinformation in social media and beyond.

Oana Constantin
Project Management

Feminist activist, Oana has been active in the NGO sector since 2019 and has worked mainly in educational projects dedicated to young people and promoting gender equality through advocacy campaigns. At Funky, she works on projects related to combating disinformation, where it helps that she can look at the phenomenon through a sociological lens and her previous experience as a fact-checker at Factual helps her.

Diana Tăbleț
Expertă bugete

Passionate about communication. Likes to know what public money is spent on and what we get in return. Loves working with data and turning it into simple visualizations and explanations that everyone can understand. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-09 at 08.13.14_1
Ana Dragomir
Ion Mateș

Johnny, by his nickname, photographer by trade, quickly realised that it's not enough to just snap the shutter today and is now learning and relearning digital communication to become a multitasking individual.

59163307_2570196083055728_4288032375515906048_n (1)_1
Diana Panainte

I'm Diana, but my name is Dianné (with an accent on the e). I am passionate about communication, in all its forms. I studied communication sciences but also audio-video multimedia production. I think social media can bring people a deeper perspective of what's going on around us, especially if we get our information from the right sources. That's how I ended up on Planet Funky.

Șerban Suciu

Joy connector. He's already used to everyone chanting his name. Likes to write, to search, to find out and to understand. At Funky Citizens, they play with words and images, but not only that. Always ready to move mountains and has both the ambition and the courage to do it.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 00.11.02
Iosif Prodan
Back-office manager

Has a strange passion for bureaucracy, he likes Romanian movies and diversity. He makes sure we have the books straight and he keeps our funky things in order.

Thanks to everyone who was part of the team these last years:

Andrei Bulearcă, Alina Calistru, Paul Chioveanu, Daniel Chirilă, Anabella Costache, Alice Socea, Cristina Foarfă, Livia Jelea, Andrei Rizea, Codru Vrabie, Daniel Vrăbioiu și Ina Dănilă.


Thanks to everyone in the extended Funky family who are always willing to lend a helping hand where needed.