Let's take our relationship to the next level

We saw each other, we liked each other, what is left to be done? Well, let's make it official, with the right documents. Because no matter how much we want, we can't pay our bills with good smiles and thoughts. Find out below which method to support us suits you best.

Join the Funky family. We need your support more than ever. Help us do full-time civic education, fact-checking or pursuing public money. If you like us, now is the time to show it.

One-night stand

That is, a single donation. You saw something on Facebook that we did, you liked it and you thought that rather than giving us a like, you better give us a penny.

You can do this through the PayPal button below, in which case some of your money stays there as part of their commission. Or you can make a direct bank transfer to our account.

Long-term relationship

A recurring donation, as much as you can. If 700 people donated 10 euros a month to Funky, we could cover our salary costs (including taxes towards the state). As if you were subscribing to Factual and our infographics to give us stability, essential in working for the good of the city.


With your help we will focus on several areas

We're good with justice and anticorruption

We've analysed hundred of pages on the justice laws and the penal codes (in their many many shapes) which we translated into an easy to understand wording because we're fluent in law-speak and Romanian, We've uploaded on onoratainstanta.ro a ton of data on the justice system, we've organised legathons and a guide for the citizen who needs to interact with the courts. We've managed MariCorupti.ro, this true Coruptopedia.

We explain what your money is used for.

We're good on budgets and public funds like nobody else. We do analyses, ask for debates, push for transparency. We're so geeky with budgets that we take scanned PDF's through OCR and put them back online as editables. We find the time to have fun with a rigid subject: we've salted budgets and made a Romanian financial dictionary.

We teach you not to be manipulated

We realised early on that we're lost without civic education so we started strolling the country . We made a website withs dozens of useful infographics, a kit with funky teaching methods for teachers. The star in civic education is an Illustrated and explained Constitution, which Antena 3 compared to a Goebbels propaganda material so we're surely on the right track :)

This is Radio Factual Romania

We're leading the first and basically only fact-checkin website for political statements from Romania. If you've heard of us, you've surely heard of Factual or of one of our published fact-checks. We we're active regarding OUG 13 and the Colectiv scandal and the 2014 elections. We rely on a trustful community of volunteers (who helped us make Guvernometrul) and we try to keep the project alive through reader donations.

Local data journalism

Support the journalists who report on the reality behind boring figures of the municipality and produce investigations such as the ones about pollution in the Capital or the spending of public funds during the pandemic.

Check the heartbeat of your hospital

Are you a health worker? Help us bring to light the problems from Romania's hospitals. Download the On Guard app and send us a report with the problems you encounter. The information is transmitted anonymously and we either use it in our advocacy efforts or pass it on to investigative journalists.

All the ways you can support us

If you are in the diaspora and work for a large company (Google, Facebook, Amazon), it is possible that it has a contract with those from Benevity. Ask around and see what the benefits are of donating through Benevity.

You can support the fact-checking of political statements on Factual.ro through Patreon.

You can order one of our products such as Illustrated Constitutions in the Funky flavour. Come visit us or give us a shout online to find out how.

It's not about money, how much we can buy with them. If you have an object that you want to get rid of, but which is still good to use in an office, we welcome it.

Don't let the state waste all of your tax money. You can redirect a part of it towards us through the famous scheme of 2% 3.5%. If you own a company and want to deduct a part of your tax, you can sign a sponsorship contract with us.