Our areas of interest

Urban life
Human rights

Why do we exist?

We promote the participation of Funky Citizens (those who want to be „civically fit”) through projects that make clever use of technology (mainly online) to increase responsibility and accountability in the public space.

Funky Citizens wants to build online advocacy instruments based on research and carefully chosen data. Our tools aim to educate and invite to action, encouraging young citizens to participate in accountability initiatives in the public space through which they can see that they have an impact. Through educating and bringing young people together around a series of online instruments, we believe that we can develop the understanding and human capital necessary to influence a more participant, responsible, and transparent democracy in Romania. We will know we did our job when our constituent base will convince the citizens that they can influence the public sector reform.

Strategy by Funky Citizens

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You can read our current strategy
in detail and as a print-ready PDF here

Among other things, our current strategy further clarifies our mission, vision and goals without major alterations from the previous strategy that guided us from 2014 to 2020.