Romania - 3

26 Oct: Romania under the CVM - are we there yet?

Haste spoils the job. The Laws of Justice, the package of the three laws on the judicial system, had an accelerated legislative process under the justification of the lifting of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism. The same argument was also used in 2009 and the consequences can be seen even now, an example being the recent decision of the ÎCCJ regarding the interpretation of CCR decisions related to prescription. The MCV has been hovering over us since the 2007 accession to the EU and the Government is committed to complying with its recommendations, as well as those of GRECO and the Venice Commission. However, the Justice laws passed through the Parliament without the opinion of the Venice Commission and the ruling coalition recognized that the legislative package, in the form adopted, is a "compromise". After, last weeks, we also attended the discussions...