Analysis: keeping an eye on the Parliament

What has 465 workmates, an allowance of about 10,000 lei per month, an average age of 46 years and is most likely a man, in the sign of Virgo or Taurus? It is, of course, the Romanian MP, who today is starting the second parliamentary session of the year.

We looked at the activity of MPs from February to June 2021, to see what and how they legislated. We also noticed three big missed themes:

  • Abolishing the Special section for the investigation of magistrates
  • Legislative systematization by codification (penal codes, administrative code)
  • Special pensions

We provide the curious with source data, i.e. a table containing the complete list of parliamentarians and legislative initiatives, so you can navigate from link to link to each explanatory memorandum of the 474 bills initiated in the last session (they are worthwhile, believe us).

We are aware that, given the large volume of data, material errors may have crept in, so please report them to us if you notice them.

We are truly curious if you find such an analysis useful, so we know whether to repeat it or not. Leave feedback in comments or via email.

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Source table

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