Analysis: keeping an eye on the Parliament

As we are entering 2022, the incumbent legislature has ended its second parliamentary session, taking off for the parliamentary holiday which ends on February 1, 2022. As a result, this is the perfect time to conduct a second assessment of the work of the Romanian MPs, in order to analyse how they legislated in this parliamentary session. Undeniably, it was an eventful period: a no-confidence motion was passed, alongside the reorganization of parliamentary structures and the power shift that took place between mainstream parties. 

The elected officials have once again managed to keep important issues off the political agenda, such as the abolition of the Special Section and that of the Special Pensions, as well as systemizing the legislation through codification (penal codes, administrative code).

The Parliament is not very fond of the idea of transparency. Therefore, the data was collected manually from the websites of the two chambers. We are aware that errors may exist, and we ask you to report them to us if you observe any inaccuracies. The source database containing the complete list of parliamentarians and legislative initiatives is at your disposal to make your own analyses and statistics. We believe that such an analysis is incredibly useful, but we would very much like to hear your opinions. If you have any comments, opinions or feedback of any kind, we encourage you to send them to us in the comments or by email.

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