We demand a public debate on the 2022 draft budget of the Capital

Dear Mr. Mayor,

The Funky Citizens Association shows its interest in the public consultation procedure regarding the Draft Budget of the Municipality of Bucharest for 2022.

In addition to the notifications, observations and points of view that can be submitted in the written version, we believe that the organization of a public debate on this topic is equally necessary. This project has a substantial impact on the lives of the citizens of this city, which is why a wide deliberation, with as many social factors as possible, is extremely important.

Therefore, under Article 8 (b) of Law 273/2006 on local public finances on the obligation of public debate of the draft local budget, on the occasion of its approval, but also based on art. 39 (3) of the same law (“the inhabitants of the administrative-territorial unit may submit appeals regarding the draft budget within 15 days from the date of its publication or display”), as well as pursuant to art. 7 para. 9 of Law 52/2003 on decision-making transparency in public administration,

we request, through this letter, a public debate of the Draft Budget of the Municipality of Bucharest for the year 2022.

Given the pandemic context, we believe that the most appropriate way to organize this debate is in a hybrid format that allows both the physical presence of participants and online participation. Please provide the date, time and place of the public debate and the link to connect online at weare@funkycitizens.org as well as on the institution's website.

For all these reasons, we ask you to organize as wide a public debate as possible, with the involvement of the social partners and civil society.

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