Workshop: how to implement Open Contracting in Romania - lessons from Ukraine


Open Contracting in Romania, would be a first step in the transparent and efficient structuring of data and information about public procurement. During the 10 years of Funky activity in public budgets, we found and confirmed that transparency in procurement is far from being the strength of the authorities. We strongly believe that there is room for improvement, so on Monday, June 27, we invite you to a workshop on how we can understand, make more transparent and simplify public procurement.

Who we're inviting: NGOs, activists and journalists interested in the spending of public funds.

Coordinates: Monday, June 27, starting at 3:00 p.m., on Zoom. The event will benefit from simultaneous interpretation and will last two and a half hours.

To take part: sign up here: The workshop will be exclusively online (via Zoom), but won't be streamed live.

What you will learn

The workshop will focus on the experience of Transparency International Ukraine guests in implementing the principles of open contracting. From the experts who founded Open contracting in Ukraine you will be able to learn about:

  1. Implementing an advocacy campaign to change legislation
  2. Developing and coordinating a digital solution for open-data
  3. Institutionalising Open Contracting
  4. Setting up Open Contracting monitoring by civil society
  5. Coordinating research based on Open Contracting


[15:00 – 15:05] — Elena Calistru, president of Funky Citizens, about the ideea and need for the workshop.
[15:05 – 15:25] — Ivan Lakhtionov, Deputy Executive Director for the Implementation of Innovative Projects at Transparency International (TI) Ukraine, on the achievements of the Dozorro platforms and Prozorro and the context in which the implementation of public procurement reform in Ukraine began, as well as the cooperation with local authorities, the opening of public procurement data and the launch of the Prozorro e-procurement platform.
[15:25 – 15:40] — Anastasiia Ferents, Community Coordinator Dozorro at TI Ukraine, about the network of 24 local NGOs that monitor public procurement and submit appeals to contracting authorities (+ Q&A session).
[15:40 – 15:55] — Valeriia Zalievska, Communications Manager at TI Ukraine, about how TI Ukraine cooperates with journalists (+ Q&A session).
[15:55 – 16:15] — Yulia Gryga, from the NGO Philosophy of Heart, on how local NGOs monitor public procurement and how they cooperate with local authorities (+ Q&A session).
[16:15 – 16:30] — Volodymyr Datsenko, public procurement expert, actively involved in the activities of the Infrastructure Transparency (CoST) initiative in Ukraine, on monitoring the quality of road repair / construction works (+ Q&A session).[16:30 – 16:40] — Short break
[16:40 – 17:30] — Paul Angelescu (jurnalist, ProTV) și Ana Poenariu (jurnalistă, RISE Project), despre investigarea fraudelor în achiziții publice (+ sesiune Q&A).

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About Transparency International Ukraine

Since 2015, Ukraine has undergone a complex public procurement reform through the Prozorro system - an electronic public procurement system, with Transparency International Ukraine being a key player in coordinating the reform. TI Ukraine initiated and developed a technical solution for e-procurement, institutionalized the use of open data and feedback mechanism for parliamentary legislation. Finally, the initiative resulted in the creation of a public procurement monitoring ecosystem - Dozorro, a civic project that has had a remarkable impact in preventing the misappropriation of public funds.

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