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06 Sep: We asked Romania's ombudsman to notify the Constitutional Court regarding the Saligny ordinance

The adoption of the "Anghel Saligny" program by the GEO is a flagrant violation of Article 115, paragraph 4 of the Constitution. There is no extraordinary situation to justify the replacement of parliamentary procedures and the assumption of such a project by the Government! Not only that, it is mandatory to request an opinion from the Social Economic Council, according to art. 141 of the Constitution, which did not happen for this legislative approach. We cannot refer these things to the Constitutional Court, but someone can. Together with Expert Forum and over 20 other signatories, we request the People's Advocate, Mrs. Renate Weber, to notify the Constitutional Court regarding the unconstitutionality of the GEO regarding the "Anghel Saligny" Program. It is almost ironic how the lack of infrastructure at the local level, a reality that many Romanians have been living for decades and a well-known fact…