Bronze figurine of Lady Justice with her scales

13 Jul: Rule of law report 2022: independence of the judiciary and the press, plus real public consultation

The European Commission has just published its annual report on the state of the rule of law. The recommendations for Romania are things that we have been insisting on throughout the last year. Let's hope that the governors will be more open to listen to the recommendations if they come from the Commission. Here they are: let's make sure that the justice laws (yes, those broken by Dragnea & co in 2018) provide guarantees for the independence of the judiciary. Keywords: disciplinary measures against magistrates, special section, European standards, opinions of the Venice Commission. to regulate lobbying for parliamentarians. to solve the DNA's operational challenges, including the recruitment of prosecutors + closely monitoring the impact of the new system for investigating magistrates' corruption. strengthening the rules so as to ensure the independence of the public media, according to European standards. to ensure "real" public consultation before we…