Rule of law report 2022: independence of the judiciary and the press, plus real public consultation

The European Commission has just published its annual report about the state of the rule of law.

The recommendations for Romania these are things that we have been insisting on over the last year. Let's hope that the rulers will be more open to listening to the recommendations if they come from the Commission. Here they are:

  • to make sure that the laws of justice (yes, those broken by Dragnea & co in 2018) offer guarantees for the independence of justice. Keywords: disciplinary measures against magistrates, special section, European standards, opinions of the Venice Commission.
  • to regulate the lobby for MPs.
  • to address DNA's operational challenges, including recruiting prosecutors + closely monitoring the impact of the new magistrates' corruption investigation system.
  • strengthening the rules so as to ensure the independence of the public press, at European standards.
  • to ensure "real" public consultation before we come out with bills
  • to continue our efforts to make a national human rights institution, taking into account the UN principles of Paris.

The Rule of Law report is the document through which the European Commission equally analyzes Member States to highlight trends in anti-corruption patterns, freedom of the press and other institutional issues closely linked to the rule of law. Organizations, members of civil society, associations and journalists are invited to contribute to the report. The aim is to provide factual information on events that have taken place in each Member State. You can read our contribution for 2022 here.

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