Transport information for Ukrainians in Romania


Starting from February 17, 2022, both tourists and residents of the city of Bucharest and Ilfov County can travel with a single ticket on all modes of transport available in the Bucharest – Ilfov area: TRAIN – METRO – TRAM – BUS – TROLLEY. The cost of a metro ticket starts from 20 lei, valid for 24 hours.

There are several INTEGRATED METROPOLITAN PASS options:

  • valid for 24 hours
  • valid for 72 hours
  • 1 / 6 / 12 months.

What driver's license is recognized in Romania?

Only the most recent, international model.

What documents do I need to have in order to freely use my own car?

  1. A modern driver’s license.
  2. Green card.
  3. If you and your own car are in the territory of EU countries for more than 90 days – temporary protection.
Penalty system in Romania. What should I know?
  1. The general speed limit is 50 km/h in populated areas, 130 km/h on highways, 90 km/h outside populated areas.
  2. These speeds apply on road sections with other speed limits.
  3. There are no legal sanctions for speeding by 10 km/h.
  4. Fines in Romania have a points system. Where a penalty of 1 point is calculated as 10% of the minimum economic wage in Romania.
Fines depending on the recorded speed
  • 10-20 km/h exceeding the maximum permitted speed: two or three penalty points (290 or 435 lei), to which two penalty points are added
  • 21-30 km/h exceeding the maximum permitted speed: four or five penalty points (580 or 725 lei), to which three penalty points are added.
  • exceeding the maximum permitted speed by 31-40 km/h: from six to eight penalty points (from 870 to 1160 lei), to which four penalty points are added.
  • exceeding the maximum permitted speed by 41-50 km/h: from nine to 20 penalty points (from 1305 to 2900 lei), to which six penalty points are added.
  • more than 50 km/h above the maximum permitted speed: from 9 to 20 fines plus disqualification for 90 days
How can I pay the fine?

There are three different ways to pay fines:

  • cash payments can be made at any branch of the State Treasury, regardless of the place of collection of the fine, or at the local tax and duties office;
  • You can also pay in cash at Romanian post offices throughout the country;
  • Payment can also be made online, through the platform administered by the Romanian state, or through online banking that offers this option.

Accessing this platform is easy, you need to create an account using your ID information and inserting a valid bank card issued by a bank in Romania.

Regardless of the chosen method of payment, it is necessary to keep the check so that in the event of various misunderstandings, they can be resolved as soon as possible. If it is requested, it can be very easily sent by email or letter directly to the police.

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