Piața de Şpagă


Starting from the definition of corruption (abuse of entrusted power for personal gain), the project aknowledges that there is a market for corrupt decisions, where the commodity is the abuse of entrusted power, and the price is the bribe. The perception of corruption in Romania is very high, but concrete data on the exact price of bribes are almost non-existent. The project builds on similar experiences in India (www.ipaidabribe.com) and Europe (www.bribespot.com), adding an innovative element regarding the competition between price and satisfaction in service quality.


The portal introduces a price competition on Piața de Șpagă (The Bribe Market), in an attempt to inform users about the possibility of obtaining services and / or public uses without bribes. So far, the data collected on the site confirms the initial assumption that market mechanisms also work in this market, but the statistical significance depends on the degree of use. The satisfaction indicator has not yet shown spectacular results, but 2014 is only the second year of full operation of the site.

Calendar and supporters

Piata de Şpagă received a $5.000 grant in the November 2011 edition of ReStart Romania Gala, organized by TechSoup Romania with the support of the US Embassy in Romania. It was ready in May 2012, and the official launch took place on the International Anticorruption Day on December 9. The project started under the organizational umbrella of the EPAS Association and was taken over in the Funky Citizens portfolio during 2014.

Are you compelled to offer bribe? How much?

There are, however, places where problems are solved without bribes. Or with less pay. This information is there with you, the anonymous reader of these lines. Thank you for telling us, the other readers, who want to know where these places are, where the institutions work and where people work who don't just get paid for anything, anytime… You can do this quickly — select the city / address on the map where it happened to you wonder or mischief and add the information with a simple right click

This project is an information tool that can tell you what the "right price" is on the bribe market. If you feel you have no alternative, if you still have to pay up, at least pay less, right? For each city, for each field, this project tells you about the experience of those like you — how much (or not) they paid, where, when, for what, respectively how much was paid the most, how much was paid the least, how much those who paid before you were satisfied with the "paid" services.

With a little luck, you will find on the next map the institution, the place and the man who can solve your problems for the lowest price; if you are really lucky (in other words, enough people like you have come to tell us), you will find where to solve your problems without bribes 🙂 The more we use this information tool, the more we come to we say here (under the protection of anonymity) what has happened to us, the more we have the chance to reduce the prices of bribes!

With your contribution, in less than a year, the dialogue in the left column can be transformed into the dialogue in the right column:

  • Dude, I have that thing to do, you know, but I can't be bothered to handle it... 🙁
  • Well, why?!… You just go there with the documents on you, tell them how it is, they solve it for you… Yet, you know you have to give them a little something...
  • That exactly right but how much? how much should I give? what do I know?
  • Yeah...I'll look into it cuz I dunno, but you ask as well...
  • Yo! I've got that think to take care of. Help me out with some advice!
  • Well, it's easy, just go to them with your documents, say it how it is and they'll take care of you quick, clean, no fuss.
  • But aren't I supposed to give something? What should I do, I don't know how much...
  • You don't have to give anything, bro! Didn't you check the bribe market and see it's solved without money?!?

If you want to get in touch with us, write to us at amdat[at]piatadespaga.ro. Before you write to us, check our confidentialitycommitment, please.

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